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Our Flower Farm and the Present Moment


It’s the second week of our floral bouquet subscription, and it’s already been a great experience. Currently adding amazing colors & smells in our garden: ornamental cabbages, snapdragons, bachelors buttons, honeywort, sweet peas, cosmos, and iceland poppies!

As I sit in this coffee shop, sipping my vanilla rose latte, and waiting for a few people to pick up their bouquets –it’s nice to notice how far we’ve come in a matter of a few months. From sewing seeds in our tiny garage to finally sending some mature blooms out into the world, it’s been a growing experience (pun intended.)

Often times we’re rushing around the farm (and around life) trying to get all the things checked off of our list. But in these moments where I’m forced to sit still and just wait, I can appreciate & reflect on where we are. 

I spend a lot of my days thinking about the future and how to create more, but really the value is in the present moment. There will always be more to do, future plans and projects to come. But when I think about our intention behind creating Looking-Glass, it was in wanting to truly appreciate the beauty, the romance, the things that make us glow inside –and bring that to others. 

Nature and art bring those moments to people- the moments that allow us to appreciate the present. Often times, I find myself daydreaming about the perfect house with the perfect garden in the perfect country– I’m so fueled by romantic visions. But when I’m out in the yard harvesting flowers in the morning, or when I’m assembling bouquets and designing arrangements,  that’s when it all comes together. The romantic vision behind Looking-Glass and the reality of the present. I realize my present moment is romantic– it’s organic and beautiful and creative –all at the same time. 


I see my horses and sheep peacefully grazing in the background, I hear the baby birds chirping from their nests, I smell flowers and trees and grass and water. What is more beautiful than that?

I hope everyone is enjoying their flowers each week as much as I am. I recommend you take at least a few moments each day to recognize how romantic your life is, as well. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, read a few pages of a good book. It’s easy to forget that we’re all living someone’s dream, and we should slow down and appreciate it sometimes. xox