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The Echo of Birds in Early Spring


It’s a specific time in late winter here at the farm. The space between seasonal death and rebirth. And the first indicators of spring are more like ghosts of what they’re destined to become. The soft chatter of birds echos in the background. Like subtle flutters in Nature’s womb. Dreamy; whimsical. Yet still groggy...

It’s a teaser for me. You know, ole winter groundskeeper can’t run away with the dream! And my rational mind echoes more sober mantras: Beware the false spring;

Surrender expectations; Remember the Winter of ‘08” –not that I actually experienced it here, I just hear it was lengthy and gnarly...


So I trod on.

I tote wood.

I carry water.

One day at a time.

But there comes a point when we’re at the precipice of spring. It’s like a nebulous final passage from inanimate to alive. And I really start to feel it. All of a sudden ole winter groundskeeper has his ear to the Earth on the daily: Baby’s starting to kick.

The romance of spring begins to pulse slowly. Faintly.

With each day the echos grow. Less reverb. More volume. The sounds of life advance slowly toward the foreground. And the pulse aligns to the rhythm of life.

A new heartbeat.

As the equinox approaches, our excitement grows. We’ve selected our color palette among beautiful flower varieties. This little Looking-Glass Farm is charged with creating the vibe of ‘Enchanted Woodland’ at a few select upcoming weddings.

And that’s not all we plan to deliver.

Like the actual baby in my wife’s belly, our seeds will soon emerge. We’ll nurture them. We’ll cultivate the enchantment and elegant whimsy we know and love.

A new Heart beat.

bouquet in snow

Stormy skies present themselves

But I don’t care because it’s

Pretty cozy here with you.

Fire in eyes, the kitties lay there

And it cracks a smile and

It’s pretty cozy here with you.

Last I checked

it was an hour before the morning light

And I watch you sleep.

Last I heard

it was the echo of birds in early spring

And a new heartbeat.

A new Heart beat.

Although the snow and rain

they fall till spring creates a new rebirth

amid the haze,

Winter stays but I don’t care

Because it’s summer in my heart for you

All of the days.