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Building a Flower Farm of Dreams


Life's short – so we bought the farm. Our little 5 acre parcel is far from perfect, but it's a farm of dreams. Let's start at the beginning of this tale. 

Karra Leigh Photography

Karra Leigh Photography

Ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamt of living a fairytale life. Not the kind where the Princess finds a Prince and lives in a castle. Something more like Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, or Harry Potter– filled with magic, talking flowers, a beautiful English countryside, and lots of enchanted animals. 

When my husband, Wally, and I first moved to Portland a year ago, we had finally decided to take the plunge and buy a place that we could make our own. We had a few boxes we knew we needed checked, but overall we were just searching for a feeling. We wanted a place that just felt right. At this time, we hadn't fully committed to the idea of starting a flower farm. It was something we had loosely discussed for years, but the reality of actually doing it still felt like a distant dream. 

My first dream, to have horses and many animals, had finally started to manifest itself in my life a couple years ago. But ever since I started dating my husband, I knew I would also end up living with lots of plants. Wally has a "green thumb", as they say, and he speaks to and understands plants the same way I do with animals. So, inevitably the two go hand-in-hand on a farm. That brings us to this little 5 acres we now call home, or Looking-Glass House & Farm.

Karra Leigh Photography 

Karra Leigh Photography 

I want to be honest and tell you that building a flower farm of dreams does not feel dreamy all of the time. Most days it feels like a ton of work with not enough monetary gain. We work multiple jobs to support our lifestyle and farm. When you take a big leap of faith and set out to do something that feels like a risk to your stability & security, it puts added pressure on every move you make. It's easy to question if you're making the right decisions, or if you could have avoided certain mistakes along the way. But the beauty of it is that the answer is no. You can't avoid the mistakes, and you don't get a shortcut to further down the road– because life is a series of moments and decisions that are all just as meaningful as the supposed outcome or goal. 

So here we are, living & building the farm of dreams. So much of our heart and soul is getting poured into this place, and the energy it feeds us in return is incredible. We have delicately curated the flowers we're growing this season, because we want to have the most romantic garden of all – the fairy tale version of real life. Only the prettiest shades and dreamiest flowers will be tagged with our name. Every childhood story and vision of magic is getting sewn with the seeds that we put into the ground. 

When you purchase our flowers you will escape time & space, and be taken away to a cobblestone alley or cottage tucked far away in your fairytale visions. Every bloom & scent filled with romance and nostalgia.

So come along for the journey...